Our commitment to anti-racism

A Declaration of Humanity 

Our Pledge to Affirming Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

It is our pledge to take an anti-racist stance at the individual and collective levels of our group and work to disempower systems of oppression.

A crucial part of our mission as therapists, and at Clarity Therapy, is validating and celebrating diversity in all of its forms, and helping to affirm and lift up those who experience as well as those who are fighting against oppression and systemic racism and inequality.

We actively acknowledge, see, and hear the severe negative mental health impact and continued needless suffering caused by prejudice and injustice committed against people on the basis of the color of their skin, ethnicity, age, expression of gender and sexuality, creed, and economic position.

An alarming number of Asians and Asian Americans are shouldering the burden for a pandemic they had no role in starting. For the sole fact that they racially represent “China,” Asians and Asian Americans have become targeted victims of senseless acts of hate and violence in their own communities. The intersection of public health, globalization, disease, race, nationalism, and xenophobia is gravely affecting the safety of thousands of Asians and Asian Americans across our country.

Just as we are heartbroken by the killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and by the injustice of senseless violence, oppression, historical and present failures in our justice system, we rebuke the tragic loss of life and needless human suffering that occurs in the United States and around the world. 

Truly, the character and fabric of society can be measured by how it treats its most vulnerable. And it is only through embracing and promoting the critical mandate of antiracism that we can help our world, country, and communities evolve into a future where true equality can exist.

Our Responsibility As Therapists

Therapists have an important role to play as we continue to navigate this moment of reconciliation regarding racial justice, diversity and inclusion.

As professionals, we respect and protect civil and human rights as stated in the APA Ethics Code. In this spirit, we are reminded that social movements are central to increasing awareness, promoting activism, and empowering others surrounding the intersections of racism, injustice, and inequality.

No single statement on this matter is complete, as words rarely fully capture the depth of suffering and the sorrow that marginalized people experience. As a practice and as a community, we know that we may not always get it perfect, but we do aspire to create something special and unique—an ideal—to strive toward.

As a practice and as individual professionals, we vow to assist in uplifting marginalized people and groups in their march towards equality. We strive to listen closely and deeply to one another and our client’s stories, thereby helping clients process life experiences in the context of each individual’s unique social-emotional challenges.

Creating a Safe Space

As therapists, we ask ourselves how to make sure all clients and colleagues feel seen, heard, welcome, and included.

It’s important to us to create and allow the space for openness, grief, fear, and any other emotions that might arise, for our colleagues as well as our clients. In an effort to ensure that people feel welcome, seen, and affirmed when working with us, we’ve developed a therapist matching questionnaire with diversity and inclusion in mind, which allows clients to specify whether they would like to work with a therapist from a specific social group or background.We respect and understand that there can be differences between gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.

We value the unique qualities of all of our colleagues and clients, including individuals who identify as transgender, genderqueer/fluid identities, gender neutral, and/or non-binary. Our wish as a group is to provide a supportive and inclusive space for people to be welcomed for who they are, regardless of gender identity, expression, or sexual orientation. We are dedicated to offering LGBTQ+ Affirmative care to both our colleagues and clients.

As therapists, we ask ourselves how to make sure all clients and colleagues feel seen, heard, welcome, and included. This can be accomplished through aspiring to have an unconditional positive regard for our clients and coming from a place of acceptance and respect.

Our Commitment to Clients and Therapists

We strive to create an environment that is safe and welcoming for AAPI individualsDiversity and appreciating the multiple layers and intersectionality of one’s identities is a focus of Clarity Therapy’s hiring practices. We’re proud that our therapists represent the vibrant diversity for which New York City is loved and celebrated. Many of our therapists identify as BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, AAPI, immigrants, and culturally diverse.

As we expand, we’ve made actively diversifying our cohort a priority, and we pledge to continue to do so. We’re focused on continuing to raise those numbers, while also working to hire more BIPOC individuals as our community grows, which is an area in which we’re lacking and where we’re actively working to improve.

As a practice, we offer psychotherapeutic services that are accessible to the community through use of a sliding scale, based on a client’s stated need. An average of 10% of our clients are seen at a pro-bono rate.

As a practice and as individual professionals, we are committed to issues surrounding:

• Social Justice for all races, ethnicities, genders, sexual identities, ages, creeds, and degrees of wealth.

• Diversity in representation—politically, economically, organizationally, and artistically.

• Black Lives Matter and the fight for equality, respect, safety, and nonviolence.

• LGBTQIA+ Identities and the rights of all people to love, live, work, marry, parent, and present themselves freely.

•The value of the AAPI community and the importance of fostering an environment of acceptance and understanding, free of racism, hate, and bigotry.

•Immigration without fear of familial separation, violence, abuse, and bigotry.

• Women’s Rights to make decisions about her own body, reproductive health without interference or judgement from anyone else. As well as rights to equal opportunities and lives free of harassment.

• Vulnerable Populations such as Children, the Elderly, and the Homeless and their protection from predatory and neglectful behavior.

Now, more than ever, is a time for witnessing, listening, affirming, educating ourselves and others, and taking action. By  listening  to the voices of those who are oppressed we can begin  to think critically on the impact and pitfalls of perpetuating unjust systems and beliefs.

Creative Expression and Representation

It’s a priority that people of all races and backgrounds are represented not only within our practice, but in the messaging we share with the world. From the imagery we choose to include on our website, newsletters, and social media feeds, to the quotes we cite and artwork we commission, we’re dedicated to using our public platforms to make room for, affirm, and uplift AAPI, LGTBQIA+ and BIPOC voices and talents.

Listening and Learning as We Grow

As therapists, actively listening is central to the work we do. It’s crucial that we use this tool not only with our clients, but with each other.  We pledge to create clear opportunities for BIPOC members of our team to let us know how we’re doing and how we can better support them in their growth and success. 

Educating Ourselves and Others

We actively work to keep learning  through continuing education, seeking outside consultation, and having challenging discussions about team dynamics when it comes to equality, inclusion, diversity, creating a sense of belonging, anti-racism, and privilege.  Individually and as a group, we also share resources and encourage each  other  to read noted literature on these topics. [See Advocacy and Sharing of Resources” below].

Practicing Nonviolent Communication, Loving Kindness, and Self-Care

Change comes from within. It emerges from a rise in consciousness and is an exercise of willpower. Compassion heals. It’s important to have mercy for people, their individual growth, and the difficult process of moving through life as it evolves. We  respectfully challenge ourselves and give  ourselves the opportunity to do things better. Through whatever your journey may be, our wish is for you to make yourself a priority and create space for your own self-care.

 We invite you to learn about our partnerships and resources for celebrating diversity, inclusion and belonging, and our commitment to anti-racism.

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