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Dr. Logan Jones, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist NYC and Head of Practice Clarity Therapy NYC
“You may have forgotten, but everything you need is already inside of you.”
Meet Dr. Logan Jones, Psy.D,
Head of Practice + Clinical Psychologist

Do you want to become the authority in your life? It’s not uncommon for high-achieving individuals to struggle with anxiety, imposter syndrome, or finding fulfillment and purpose.

I provide therapy and coaching to entrepreneurs, creatives, and achievement-oriented individuals. Therapy should be a collaborative, exciting, and rewarding experience. It’s the active process of looking deep within and gaining clarity about who you are and what you want. My approach is practical, grounded, and highly engaged. My clients feel more grounded and self-assured as a result of our work together.

I draw from psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and mindfulness techniques. Through gaining insight into yourself (the “why”), we will empower you to make subtle shifts in how you live (the “how”). This shift opens you up to more enriching and vibrant life experiences.

I also teach “therapists how to be therapists” and nurture each of our talented therapists at Clarity Therapy.

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License Info

License No. and State: 021566/New York

NPI: 1609236645

Client Focus

Education + Affiliations

The George Washington University

Doctor of Psychology

The George Washington University

Master of Psychology

Rhodes College

B.A. in Psychology & Education

Licensed in NY State

License No. 021566
NPI: 1609236645

Adjunct and Staff Psychologist

Baruch College, 2011 – 2018

Certified in Culturally Responsive Supervision

Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology, Rutgers University, 2022


“Over many years I have had the chance to work with Dr. Jones. Words cannot fully express how grateful I am for the service he provides. His office is beautiful and his clinical work is both helpful and very warm. I highly recommend working with Dr. Jones.”


“I have not been to therapy for several years, but after some personal/relationship issues I’ve encountered in the past several months, I decided that I wanted to explore it again. After some research, I decided to meet with Dr. Logan Jones for an initial counseling session. I must admit, I felt somewhat nervous before this first session. Within the first few moments I was in his office, however, Dr. Jones made me fee at ease. He explained his process and approach and answered (the many) questions I had. Dr. Jones is straightforward yet compassionate and I feel that I can be open and honest with him. I would recommended Dr. Jones’s counseling services.”


“I worked with Dr. Logan Jones for 5 years. He is one of the most compassionate, diligent, and dynamic psychologists and people I have ever met. He will mindfully guide you to where you want to go in your life. His calm and patient presence will help you find your light.”


“Dr. Jones helped me to believe in myself as a person and a clinician. He taught me to take risks, trust myself and to believe in my clinical judgement. He always provided me with well thought out feedback that helped me to understand how to work with different clients. Dr. Jones always made me feel like an equal to him, he never put me down or told me I was “wrong,” but instead would assist me in questioning things and looking at other perspectives. I have always felt extremely lucky that I got to work with Dr. Jones and that he supervised me because I grew a lot in that period. I still use the skills that I learn from Dr. Jones today and I will never forget how much of an effort he put in helping me grow into the clinician I currently am.”


Are you ready to grow and expand into the life you want?


I try to keep the work as grounded and focused on the present as possible. For example, I may revisit the past with a client, but we don’t stay stuck there. There is no benefit to staying focused or morbidly fixated on things we can’t erase. That’s a victim’s consciousness. We only revisit the past long enough to explore it, to mourn losses, to validate and appreciate our history, to learn how we adapted to the dysfunction of that time, and to rework the narrative so that it’s more cohesive.

As we gain insight, we become more articulate and clear-minded. This then increases our consciousness, which expands our understanding, and allows us to make new decisions, as opposed to endlessly repeating the past and chalking life up to fate.

My primary training is psychodynamic, supervised by premier psychoanalysts of their time, yet I am not a psychoanalyst.

My focus is on the therapeutic relationship, and theory is useless unless it has a practical application.

Many clients like the idea of a solution or a quick fix. I don’t give homework unless a client asks, which usually involves underlining overarching and emotionally resonant themes from the day’s session to be reflecting on through the week. This feels collaborative and manageable, and it creates a sense of ownership and accountability.

I’ve worked with clients across the lifespan and from all walks of life- from children and families in a head start program, to clients facing the end of life events with autoimmune diseases and cancer, to women in homeless shelters. The majority of my time was spent working for seven years counseling first-generation young adults at the Baruch College Counseling Center, which is one of the most diverse campuses in the world. Because of these experiences, I have heard many stories that have reinforced my beliefs in human diversity, social justice, and human dignity above all else.

My current focus is with clients and colleagues who want to become the authority in their lives, who want to access their emotions and become more assertive. Through my personal experiences and the work, I’ve discovered that when people gain clarity about how the past influences the present, they can break out of repetitive patterns.

In the end, of primary importance is finding the fit – someone relatable, grounded, engaged, curious, collaborative, and who makes you feel accepted and safe so that you can explore.

Hesitation is normal and natural. And you won’t be the first or last person in that struggle. What is most important is that you make the decision on your own free will and that you do so for yourself, not because you are being coerced. Finding the right fit is the most important thing. You want to meet with someone who meets you and accepts you for wherever you’re at in this point in life so that you can feel safe enough to explore and grow. We are all on a path of growing and expanding into life, and therapy is a fertile place to do so.

Absolutely. I have joked with clients that, “it is my job to put myself out of business.” What I mean by this is that my job is to help strengthen people so that they can stand on their own in the world with and without therapy. This therapeutic space will always be there for you if ever and whenever you want it again.

It is not up to me to decide whether or not a client “needs” therapy – that is everyone’s personal decision and free will. I love the metaphor that life, and therapy, are like waves and seasons—they ebb and flow, move in and out, and that people can move in and out of therapeutic spaces depending on the flow of their lives.

I love when people teach me about their experiences. I make no assumptions. I lead by reminding myself of everyone has a “bill of rights”, that we all live in a prejudiced, fear-based world… that we each possess dignity. When it comes to intervening, I may state something along the lines of, “I wonder how your experience as a (black and bisexual man; a biracial woman in a mostly white male environment; being from the South, gay, and growing up in conservative home) affects you too.” This has a way of bringing into consciousness and into space the reality that the world isn’t fair and doesn’t appear to be working for us on the surface. I may highlight things along the lines of “I wonder if there are any feelings about me being a white male”, or some other part of my identity, as a way of acknowledging privileged aspects of my life. At the end of the day, everyone has a unique identity and I invite them to share and explore as much as they feel comfortable doing so without imposing my assumptions.

You come into a session and something has shifted. Some weeks you may appear more grounded, clear-minded, and effective in session and out in the world. Some weeks you might appear a little less self-assured because you are doing the difficult work of therapy, which involves excavating your emotional landscape and reworking the foundation of their narratives.

If the narrative remains the same each week.

Sometimes I may ask you directly if you feel like you are getting what you need, if I’ve missed the mark, or if what I am saying isn’t resonating.

I have many beliefs, but to list a few:

The purpose of therapy is to help people rediscover and reconnect with themselves, others, and the world around them through the cultivation of deep reflection, self-acceptance, and other life-affirming wellness practices.

Therapy allows people to cultivate healthier and more fulfilling relationships, break free of limiting beliefs, fears, and doubts that are holding them back, and increase mindfulness, and gain clarity goals, dreams, and purpose.

Therapy is not because people are ill or “crazy”. Therapy is sanity maintenance. It’s a grounding practice similar to physical exercise and nutritional health, and it has cumulative effects.

Therapy is a process of cleansing a psyche of trauma by tending to wounds that have been neglected. In the end, it can renew your spirit and energy by helping affirm and strengthen your identities.



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